Covid Update:

Our new schedule is Thursday through Saturday 11-6 By appointment only.

Consultations are bookable directly from this website.  

I know that availability seems limited, but after our Covid shutdown it is the best way we've devised to keep overhead costs at a minimum, without raising our prices.  I can also more easily plan for staff (and childcare) ahead of time.

The shop is dedicating other days and times exclusively to production to maximize efficiency and to stay compliant with the sanitation recommendations of the CDC and WHO.

It's not the ideal way I want to do business but in this, "new normal" it's a compromise to attempt to accommodate needs for all concerned. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new Covid world. 

I hope that the benefit of knowing you won't arrive to a long wait and that the duration of your booked time will be focused entirely on you without interruption is a worthy trade-off.

Please note that the shop is also requiring all clients don a mask or face covering for the duration of their consultation in order to ensure the health and safety of our staff and other patrons.  Thank you for your compliance!

Storefront pick ups of completed orders are currently suspended in favor of free delivery in the evenings. We will be in touch to schedule deliveries of finished projects.

Please Call or E-mail us with any questions!

-Hillary Stone

Lucky Rabbet Custom Framing