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Covid Update:  (As of July 2021)

Our new customer service schedule is Thursday through Saturday 11-6 Appointments Strongly encouraged.

Consultations are bookable directly from this website.  Or here:

We have found that most of you prefer having a dedicated time to discuss your project with us without pressure, interruption or having to wait for us to finish with a previous client, and so have decided to make the appointment structure permanent.  The appointment system allows us to anticipate your arrival and to be prepared for what you're bringing in!  We hope that the benefit of knowing you won't arrive to a long wait and that the duration of your booked time will be focused entirely on you is a worthy trade-off for the inconvenience of advance planning.


If you would like to come in immediately, without an appointment, give us a call and we can confirm that there is available time.  Just like at a restaurant, clients with reserved time will be prioritized.

The shop is dedicating other days and times exclusively to production to maximize efficiency.

MASKS: Due to rising rates of Delta variant, we will continue to require masks.  The owner (myself) is currently pregnant and has  small children at home, who are not yet able to be vaccinated against covid.  We trust that our health and safety is important to you, just as yours is to us.

Storefront pick ups are now optional. We offer free delivery and can ensure safe and timely transport of your completed framing project. We will be in touch to schedule deliveries of finished projects.

Please Call or E-mail us with any questions!

-Hillary Stone


Lucky Rabbet Custom Framing

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